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Animal Diving Game

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Animal Diving GameRepresent team Penguin by participating in the Animal Diving Competition. Join the Animals and seize the gold in 10 meter Platform Diving competition. In this game you will play as the Penguin representing the Penguin team to try to qualify for the final of the diving competition. Your opponents teams are Team Beaver, Team Frog, Team Seal, Team Otter and Team Kingfisher, it is your goal is to beat these five opponents and win the trophy by performing the best jumps in a total of five rounds. To ensure the fairness of the competition all contestants are only allowed to perform groups 1 to 4 in the tuck position and group 5 in freedive position.

The game begins with the Penguin walking to the edge of the platform, and you may choose backward or forward as the dive direction by clicking on the appropriate icon. If you have selected a direction but would like to change your mind, you can click the other icon to choose the other direction. Once you have made the decision click the Dive button at the bottom of the screen, and the penguin will face the selected direction and prepare to jump. A vertical power gauge will start flashing with a red line moving up and down to indicate the power of the jump. To set the power right click the mouse or press any key on the keyboard when the red line moves to the desired position. Once you have selected the power another gauge in the shape of a sector will appear on the right side of the power gauge, with a red arrow moving to and from 0 degree to 90 degrees. This indicates the angle of the jump. Right Click the mouse button or press any key on the keyboard to select the angle of the dive, and upon doing so the penguin will start to jump into the pool. The height and distance of the jump are determined by the jumping direction and angle. If the jumping direction and angle are set to the extreme, the penguin will hit the platform and become dizzy resulting in an epic diving failure. Therefore it pays to be careful with the settings of the jumping direction and angle. If the Penguins dive is successful, the Penguin can perform special tricks in the air before entering the water. You may press the up or down arrow key on the screen or on the keyboard to perform a flip, or hit the left or right arrow key for a twist. Note that once a flipping or twisting direction is chosen, the other arrow key of the same movement will be grayed and cannot be pressed. The reason for this is that you may not perform the same movement in both directions during a flight, for example, when you have pressed the down arrow key to perform a forward flip, the up arrow key will turn to gray and you may not perform a backward flip. Additionally it is not possible to perform flip and twist at the same instance.

When the Penguin reaches 5m above the water, a blinking space-bar will show at the upper part of the screen hinting the entry into the pool. Press the space-bar on your keyboard so that the penguin will extend its arms forward and prepare for the entry. The flip and twist buttons on the screen will be removed and another blinking space-bar will appear at the upper part of the screen hinting the suppression of water splash. Press the space-bar on your keyboard again so that the splashing effect can be minimized. The amount of splashes produced is determined by the entry angle into the water. If the dive itself is impossible for human counterparts a message will show on the screen which states “Impossible Dive” – this is good! Once the dive is completed, each of the 5 judges will give a score within the range of zero to ten. The rating is based upon the flight, twists and on the smooth entry into the water. The highest and the lowest scores are then eliminated, while the remaining three are summed and multiplied by the Degree of Difficulty which is based on actual diving. The average score of the dive will also be calculated. The Penguin will be very happy if the average score is not lower than 7 but when it receives an average lower than 7 the Penguin is very disappointed and frustrated. The current score and ranking of each contestant will be shown on the leaderboard after each diving round. When round 5 finishes it is time for the medals, if you have done well the penguin will stand on the podium if its final accumulated score makes a medal, you will even get to stand on the podium and hear the Celebratory Anthem played! If the penguin is unable to win a medal, the game is over. This Penguin Game is highly addictive so be prepared, it is quite a challenge to win the Gold Medal.

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1 votes, average: 5/5

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