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Ice World

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Ice World Online Penguin Stacking GameIce World is a fun Penguin Strategy Game. The objective of the game is to collect all the flags in the correct order as follows: red-green-blue-yellow-magenta.

To play the game use arrow keys to jump between islands. You can make simple or double jumps, however be careful when using double jumps as these reduce your score at the equivalent of 5 simple jumps.

To make a double-jump use SPACE bar and a keyboard arrow.

Press SHIFT to toggle to top view

Finally the score you get is dependent upon the time as well as the number of jumps you have taken so make sure you don’t take too long, this is a race against the clock.

Game Instructions for Ice World

Use arrows to jump
SPACEBAR for double jump
SHIFT for top view

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1 votes, average: 5/5

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