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Polar trouble

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Polar troubleIn Polar Trouble Game you need to helpthe penguins destroy other animals by throwing snowballs at them. The game will test your brain and phsyics skills as you will need to carefully judge the right direction and height of the snowball. You also get to pick up the fruit. In total there are 30 levels in Polar Trouble and then there is the finale level which will test your online game skills. To play Polar Trouble use the mouse.

Use the Mouse to select the height and direction of the snowball you will launch. The bigger the distance from the bounce platform the stronger the snowball shot will be. You have to hit the target (whether this be walrus, polar bear or other animals) to complete the level. If you hit the target it will freeze them and you will be able to proceed to the next level. You have a limited number of snowballs to launch so use them wisely and judge your shots well. Have fun and good Luck, but be wared Polar Trouble is a highly addictive online penguin game!

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