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Rocketeer Play Penguin adventure gamesRocketeer is a fun and frantic flying penguin game in which you must get the penguin to the moon, bouncing on clouds to propel you through the sky. On the way you must collect as many coins, diamonds and other treasure as you can find. The more coins you get the more equipment you can buy and upgrade to help bring this Penguin one step closer to victory.


Game Controls

Use Mouse to play.

To begin click on the launch button to project the penguin into the air. Move the Penguin through the clouds, white and rainbow colored clouds make you jump higher while stormy clouds slow you down. Click the Mouse button (anywhere on screen) to wave your penguin wings, remember to upgrade your wings as it will use less energy. Try to collect as many coins and treasure boxes as possible, watch out you don’t use up all of your energy by flapping your wings too often.

After each turn day will be taken back to the game menu where you get to upgrade at the shop.  Click on the shop menu to see what upgrades you can buy with the money you have collected. In the shop menu screen you are presented with 2 tabs, one for skills and the other for items. In the Skills menu you will have the choice of upgrading the following skills, each of the following skills can be increased by using experience points (not treasure) which you receive for playing the game and achieving new bests.

Bouncing off the clouds – This allows you to bounce higher from each cloud that you land on

Energy Saving – Improves your energy reserves

Luck with Treasure Chests – Improves your chances of finding good treasure in the boxes.

Wing Strength – Improves the Penguin’s wing strength to allow it to fly higher

Thunder Durability – Protects the Penguin against storm clouds

The items menu provides a number of items that you can buy to help you win the mission, these can be purchased with money that you have collected during the game. The following items can be purchased in the items menu:

Cannon – This improves your launch speed and distance

Helmet – Upgrading your helmet improves the maximum speed of the penguin.

Jetpack – A jetpack boosts your speed for a few seconds

Parachute – Helps slow you down for landing

Each of the items has three different levels which can be purchased which range from simple items to the deluxe items.



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1 votes, average: 5/5

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