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When Penguins Attack – TD

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When Penguins Attack - TDWhen Penguins Attack is a classic tower defence strategy game. The objective of the game is to build tower defences to stop the Penguin Hordes from taking over the human race. Penguins Attack is a fast and furious Penguin Game that is highly addictive.

How to Play Penguins Attack TD

Use Mouse to play the game

Your objective is simple, to stop the Penguins from breaching your defences and taking over the human race. The Penguins will attack in waves and it is up to you to stop them by strategically positioning your defences to blow them up before they make it to their target. You start the game with 25 lives and each time a penguin gets through your defences you will lose one life.

Purchase the defence towers from the menu along the bottom of the screen and place the towers on the battlefield. Each time the enemy penguins are killed you will get money which enables you to buy more defence towers.

The positioning of the defence towers is key. You want to position the tower defences in areas which force the penguins to walk further and allow you more time to attack them. The walking route that the penguins take is indicated by the white dotted line, make it as hard for them as possible to reach the target by placing defence towers in their path.

Be aware of airborne enemies like helicopters or planes. These will travel in a straight route and fly directly towards the target.
Some towers have special features such as slowing the enemy down.

Remember to upgrade the towers. Upgrading the towers gives you extra damage and makes the most out of the defence towers. Each tower can be upgraded up to level 3 by upgrading 3 times.

Earn medals by defeating the evil penguins. Be sure to try different tower combinations, different towers have different effects and some work better than others on certain enemy penguins. Good luck Soldier!

Instructions for When Penguins Attack TD can be found in the game

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