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Zoo Transport

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Zoo TransportZoo Transport is a classic strategy driving game by Amor Games in the same mould as the brilliant mining truck games. The difference with this game is that you are a penguin and must transport various animals to the zoo on the back of your rickety old truck. There are 40 levels in total for the Penguin Driver to negotiate and over 5 different animals to transport. The game is relatively straight forward as Penguin Driver you must simply transport the animal in the box from the starting point to the zoo. Sounds easy it isn’t, getting used to the physics of the game is difficult and keeping the truck level is harder than it sounds. What really makes this game challenging is that each animal has a different quirk which makes transporting them super difficult
Turtles – These are easy to transport, they don’t move around too much but don’t go too fast or they will spook and try to jump out of the box.
Monkey – Jumps frequently so try not to bounce the box around too much, when the monkey jumps try to steady the truck to land it.
Parrot – The parrot is housed in a small triangular box, but what makes the parrot a real challenge is that it sometimes flies! When the box starts to vibrate and go darker in color it means the parrot is about to fly into the air. When it does fly you must keep the truck steady in order to catch the box when it lands again. The combination of the triangular box and flying bird makes the parrot one of the more difficult animals to transport.
Zebra – The zebra is another challenging animal to transport because it loves high speed and if you slow the truck down it will become restless and try to escape. The secret to transporting the zebra is to make sure you don’t stop.

In the game you must transport all boxes to the zoo in order to complete the level, if you drop a box you will need to go back to the start to collect another one and try again (or you can restart).

Help the penguin transport the animals!

If you get really stuck there is a walkthrough you can click on in the game to get hints.

Game Controls

Use your mouse to load the cargo on to the truck. Use arrow keys to move the truck forward and backwards.

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